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Xiaomi Mi Home Induction Cooker


  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Color : White
  • Product Type : Induction Cooker
  • Removable non-slip silicone ring
  • Non-slip foot pads
  • Temperature of heating
  • The cooking process
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True happiness cooking healthy food at home

This stylish Induction Cooker helps you to prepare different type of foods. The New Cooker consists of two sections, which can be purchased separately. The most important component is induction cooker, which is placed in the lower section. This is able to offer 99 heat settings, which can be set by using side controls. You can then switch between the various modes, set the timer and other basic functions by using dedicated App.

Stable heating, precise temperature

Powerful enough for slow quenching of food, and for its quick frying. It works very simply — put on a cooking pot, load the products and turn on the device.

Unlike standard induction cookers, it works evenly.

No impulses and interruptions! Only constant heating, which makes the cooking process faster, and the food itself delicious.

Low-temperature modes allow you to prepare healthy food.

Constant slow heating makes it possible to keep all useful nutrients in the products.

The heating intensity is controlled with high accuracy

99 switch positions! It is easy to set the desired temperature with high accuracy. If necessary, it can be reduced or, vice versa, raised during cooking. These wide possibilities are limited only by the power of the device — 2100 Watts.

Intelligent heating technology

The Mi Mijia Cooker is equipped with an external temperature sensor, which measures temperature directly from the heated container. Thanks to it, it is possible to automatically control the heating process with high accuracy.

The use of an induction heater is very simple.

The furnace is equipped with a convenient and intuitive control knob and an OLED display showing the operation of the heater.

  • Pressing the center for at least 3 seconds and its turning on.
  • Press again to stop heating.
  • Make adjustments by turning the knob.

More features with the App 

  • Temperature of heating
  • The cooking process
  • Presence or absence of pot
  • Product preparedness
  • The cooking mode (stew, fry, boil, etc.)

*On the OLED screen of the induction cooker, up to 8 cooking modes can be displayed. Add or replace modes to operate on the Mijia APP.

Stable, safe and durable

The panel has a special anti-high temperature non-slip silicone ring easy to disassemble and clean, thanks to it pot placed more secure; increased special non-slip mat, so that the position of the cooker is also stable and safe.

  1. Removable non-slip silicone ring
  2. Non-slip foot pads
  3. Hydroelectric isolation to avoid accidental leakage
  4. Hot and cold air duct isolation enhanced internal cooling


  • Please use a single outlet with rated current above 10A
  • Please use AC 220V power to avoid fire and electric shock
  • Ensure heat source distance > = 30cm
  • Keep away from electromagnetic interference
  • When using the metal handle pot, please pay attention to anti-scald
  • Appliances cannot be operated by an external controller or a separate remote control system
  • Before heating the cookware, make sure there is food or water in the pan to avoid empty pan drying
  • Do not place the product directly on the metal table to prevent the product from heating the metal table
  • Because the heat will cause damage to the walls and furniture, discoloration, deformation, so please place the product away from wall and furniture more than 10cm
  • Do not use non-professional cookware, in order to avoid affecting the heating performance or dangerous. If you use other pots, please observe: pot contain iron material, the bottom is flat and the bottom diameter is not less than 12cm and not more than the heating zone
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