KANDAO Meeting All in One Conference Camera

KANDAO Meeting All in One Conference Camera

Sport 12MP Action Camera Full HD

Sport 12MP Action Camera Full HD

KANDAO Qoocam Pocket 8k Camera


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  • Enjoy super-slow-mo with Kandao AI slowmotion

Capture slow motion in 4K 360 at 120fps, and never missing any of the action taking place in front of you and any details around you. It can even go to 960fps 4K from the original 120fps 4K with Kandao AI Slow Motion.

  • 4K 360 Live Streaming From the Phone

QooCam 8K makes 360-degree live streaming more affordable and accessible, supporting streaming to various platforms like YouTube or Facebook. You can easily set up and live whatever’s happening around you in 4K 360 and share with others.

  • QooCam Studio for Professional and Batch Editing

Want professional editing? Go to QooCam Studio for the full-featured editing tools. Offering Windows/Mac version, QooCam Studio allows you to quickly batch edit the footage or run AI Slow Motion for cool effect.


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