Buy Baseus Simple Life Car Wash Spray Nozzle 15m after water filling Black Online at Best Price in Kuwait

Baseus Simple Life Car Wash Spray Nozzle 15m after water filling -Black

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Baseus Premium Car Ashtray – Dark Grey

Baseus Simple Life Car Wash Spray Nozzle 30m after water filling -Black


  • Brand : Baseus
  • 30M
  • Car Wash Spray Nozzle
  • Two-stage pressure increase technology
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Product Features:

High pressure. The car wash uses a two-stage pressure increase technology. At the first stage, the pressure is increased in the hydraulic hose, and at the second directly in the pump.

Adjustable spray width. By easily twisting the ring on the head of the car wash, you can adjust the width of the water jet from a directional stream to a wide "umbrella". The wheels are easier to wash with a directed stream, while the windows and body are easier to spray.

The car wash can be used with any cleaning agent. Pour it into the tank from the kit and attach it to the pump. Your car will now be even cleaner.

Extension hose. When you turn on the car wash, under the pressure of water, the hose stretches, and its length increases several times. This does not affect the strength of the water jet.

Durability and reliability. The pump body is made of an aluminum alloy that is protected from rust and deformation, and the three layers of materials from which the hose is made makes it flexible and convenient to use. A special network inside the coating prevents it from leaking and freezing even in the coldest weather.

Style and ergonomics. The outside of the pump is made in a design patented by the manufacturer, pleasant to use and controlled by just one big button. You will not have any questions about what and how to do. The mass of the device is 217 g.

Versatile. The appliance is not only suitable for washing cars, but also for other tasks such as watering flowers or cleaning walls and sidewalks. The product includes three mounts to fit a wide variety of cranes. The whole set is perfectly made and will not let the device fly off.

The product comes with a detergent and a specialized cloth to make your machine even cleaner. You can choose from three different hose lengths: 2.5m (7.5m after switching on the water supply), 5m (15m) and 10m (30m).

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Brand Baseus
Colour Black
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