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15:21 iPhone X / Xs Cork Case-Brown

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Catalyst Waterproof Case for Apple AirPods - Frost White

Artwizz HangOn Case For iPhone Xs Max-black



  • Brand : Artwizz
  • Color : Black
  • A Hands-Free Mobile Life.
  • Convenient Card Slot on the Back.
  • Criss-cross or Traditional Lanyard.
  • Extremely Slim, Extremely Durable.


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Criss-cross or traditional lanyard
The smartphone case you’ll want to hang out with When it comes to choosing how to wear your Artwizz HangOn Case, the decision is entirely yours. And there are just so many possibilities: around your neck like a necklace; across your shoulders as a crossbody case; or casually over one shoulder like a handbag.

A hands-free mobile life
Even if you figuratively have your hands full every day, our HangOn Case means your hands are free for what really matters. Your smartphone is close at hand, while your hands are totally free: You can carry shopping bags, lend your kids a helping hand at the playground, push a stroller, hold a drink or let yourself go when you’re dancing.

Never miss a special moment ever again
If it’s happened to us, it’s probably happened to you too: A beautiful or funny moment that you would have loved to capture in a photo, but you couldn’t get your smartphone out in time. Well, thanks to our HangOn Case, you’ll never miss a single snapshot ever again, whether of your own children, sightseeing or on holiday. And even missed calls are a thing of the past.

Tickets, please
No problem! With the HangOn Case, you’ll always have your most important ticket or card with you and at your fingertips at any time. The integrated card slot is perfect for a bus or train ticket, a membership card at the gym, a parking ticket, or even a hotel key card.

The protective case: extremely slim, extremely durable
Made of durable and hard-wearing TPU, your smartphone is reliably protected from scratches and damage for as long as it’s in the HangOn Case’s protective case. The case fits snugly around the corners and edges of your device, so your smartphone is securely wrapped and can’t slip out. The material is extremely flexible, sturdy and grippy.

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Colour Black
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